It is an invaluable elixir. It is an integral part of our life. We can protect ourselves from disease by using non-disease-free and unmixed fertilizer along with nature. Our most valuable asset is our life and body. Manure plays an important role in our preservation. Along with natural food, nature is the fertilizer that stimulates our thinking. Food in Tamil literature means using natural fertilizers along with organic farming. Cow dung plays an important role in preserving and using our culture. It would be great if we could face life in a natural way. As natural scientist Ayya Nammaluar said, plant a terraced garden outside the house as well.

The people who are having housing plots and agricultural lands should take steps to consummate in need of food. They should use to sapling trees by traditional farming. Current diseases like cancer, heart disease, viral attacks and weight gain can be overcome by using natural fertilizers instead of chemical fertilizers. The betterment in life is living in a daily life style without running behind Hospitals. We all are dependent on others every day. Likewise, were should depend on ourselves in healthy food too. Do sapling in front of your houses. Those who are not having lands in your houses, do farming on the terrace by natural fertilizer way to avoid infections. We are procuring natural fertilizers directly from the farmers in low prizes through our website viz., Cow dung, Native breed dung and Goat dung from 5Kg to 1000Kg and more. Do natural farming and travel with nature, Live Healthy Life and let your life to the Nature.




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